Vintage Twist Shave Soap
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Vintage Twist Shave Soap

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This all natural, dye free shaving soap has been blended with Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay and natural oils, including Argan and Grape Seed, for smooth razor gliding and skin protection, without relying on skin irritating silicones.

To Use Twist up desired amount, rub onto wet skin to work up a creamy gel, shave and rinse thoroughly. For larger areas, you may find it helpful to first rub soap gelle directly into your palms and then smooth over area to be shaved.

For the Dapper Gentlemen Reminiscent of the Gentlemen's clubs of the 18th century, heady and masculine, evoking images of a classic, well dressed gentleman. Champagne polished boots not required.

For the Proper Lady Reminiscent of the classic Victorian woman, with luxury for the most unadulterated and refined lady. Rib bending, intestine crushing corset not required.

Approx. 3 oz / 100 g • Measures 5" tall & 1.5" in diameter.

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