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Wholesale Information

Wholesale has been temporarily suspended due to vendor abuse.

As stated in my FAQ sheetLuxury Lane Soap (including all sister brands) does not allow bulk ordering by non-authorized dealers. If you are interested in becoming a retail location please email for directions to place an order.

If you place a bulk order without being cleared as a pre-approved retail location, you may be charged a processing fee to re-coup the fees of processing an illegitimate order. Please do not place an order over $300 unless you are a pre-approved retail location and have been cleared by us to place a bulk order, with your approved wholesale discount code. We do not sell "naked" products to re-sellers.

I am incredibility sorry for any trouble or disappointed this causes you. I look forward to having a much more reliable and understandable wholesale system in the future. 

As always, thank you for your continued support! 

XOXO -Kylee Lane