Orders are fresh-made and take approximately 7 to 10 days to be produced, packaged and shipped. Note, production may take up to 21 days during the holiday season. (Once shipped, additional time for delivery will be based on location). Any and all orders that I can squeeze into the cracks, I will, and your order may arrive sooner. Luxury Lane Soap has always been committed to hand-crafting products and, in exchange for never mass producing, I ask that you give me time. So, here is how it works.
Step 1: You fall in love and place an order.
Step 2: I receive your order and do a happy dance. Your order is pinned to a board, like a restaurant ticket. 
Step 3: Daily, I pull a production list, orders go out in the order they come in. I make your awesome products and ship within 24 hrs of fresh production and packaging. It may take up to 10 days until I pull your order.

So essentially, you are pre-ordering and being placed in a queue. When your order comes up, I am 110% dedicated to your order alone and everything is made personally, for you. 
Q: Do you do custom orders and wholesale? 
A: Wholesale? Nope.  Custom Orders? Yup! Is there a scent or color you'd like? Personalized label? Anything! For questions about custom orders please feel free to contact me anytime with questions. 
Q: When will my items ship?

A: Shipping confirmations are sent at time of shipment with tracking details. Delivery Confirmation is included, free, with all orders. Orders are packed with recycled catalog pages, donated by our local schools. For an additional cost, I can also provide Rush Production and, for orders within the US, Express Shipping. 

Q: Can I pay to have my order expedited? 

A: Expedited orders and shipping are available, but they cost extra. Please see additional details and options when calculating shipping on the check out page. 

Q: What if I am not happy with my order? 
A: All of my products are 100% guaranteed. If you do not absolutely love your purchase, for any reason at all, please contact me right away! I am always happy to resolve, refund & replace.

Q: Can I purchase locally? 
A: You can find Luxury Lane Soap products exclusively at the Blue Monkey Gallery in Archer, IA

Luxury Lane Soap (including all sister brands) does not allow bulk ordering by non-authorized dealers. If you are interested in becoming a retail location please email Kylee@LuxuryLaneSoap.com for directions to place an order.

If you place a bulk order without being cleared as a pre-approved retail location, you may be charged a processing fee to re-coup the fees of processing an illegitimate order. Please do not place an order over $300 unless you are a pre-approved retail location and have been cleared by us to place a bulk order, with your approved wholesale discount code. We do not sell "naked" products to re-sellers.

Q: So what, exactly, is in this soap? 

A: Luxury Lane Soap uses certified sustainable, Organic ingredients & oils including Palm, Hemp, Olive, Coconut & Shea Butter, along with Certified Pure Essential Oils & Non-Phthalate Fragrance Oils. 

Q: Are your products licensed? 
A: IMPORTANT: Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers.These fan made versions are NOT to be confused with licensed merchandise. Luxury Lane Soap interpretations of these designs were created with love and obsession, and not to mislead, confuse the customer or infringe on the manufacturers/designer's name and valuable trademark.

Still have a question? Please do not hesitate to Contact Me!