Mini Aromatic Oil Diffuser
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Mini Aromatic Oil Diffuser

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What it is... Aromatic Oil Diffusers draw fragrant oil up into premium rattan reeds, allowing scent to disperse into the surrounding air, without heat or flame.

Our hand blended aromatic oil is housed in gorgeous, genuine antique green glass manufactured in the 1930's & 1950's, right here in the United States. These divine bottles make excellent oil diffusers, as they have a uniquely small neck, greatly reducing fragrance oil evaporation.

Why rattan reeds? Rattan is hollow, thus allowing the aromatic oil to easily and thoroughly saturate the inner core. Each of our NEW 6 INCH reeds have approximately 2.8 square inches of surface area. A half a dozen reeds provide more surface area than a 4" apothecary candle, resulting in excellent scent dispersion.

Fragrance will last for several months. For best results, flip reeds over every few days.

Set Includes 6 premium rattan reeds, one fluid ounce of alcohol-free aromatic diffuser oil, one antique green diffuser bottle and one random library card catalog tag.

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