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Personal Batch - Custom Blended Soap

Personal Batch - Custom Blended Soap


Receive a full batch (eight full-sized bars) of either my Organic Artisan Soap or Mighty Mango Butter Soap made custom for you, to your ingredient, color, and fragrance specifications. 

 Mighty Mango Butter  Limited ingredient alteration. This soap is produced from a certified organic base.
 No limit to color and fragrance options. Glitter. Glow. Neon. Etc.
 1-2 week cure time. Wrapped in thin plastic. Low heat tolerance.
 Use within 1-2 yrs

Organic Artisan  Control every ingredient. This soap is completely from scratch. Limited color and fragrance options. No glitter or shimmer. 6-8 week cure time. Wrapped in tissue paper. High heat tolerance.
 Use within 5+ years. Due to the extremely high humidity levels we are experiencing, I am currently unable to produce and cure Organic Artisan. So very sorry for the inconvenience. Please check back Fall 2016.

Both formulas are:
 Paraben Free • Silicone Free • Gluten Free • No Detergents • No Sodium Sulfates (SLS) • No Animal Testing or Animal Products

Approximately 4-5 oz • Measures 2.5" x 3" x 1" 
Size may vary slightly as each soap is raw cut, using nothing but steady hands and fresh guitar string.

What I need from you...

Allergies: What are you allergic to? (Example: peanuts, so I know to tailor your soap away from nut oils. ) Any type of essential oil, fragrance, compound, anything you don’t want on your body, let me know.

Ingredients: What do you want this soap to do? As in, would you like something more nourishing or moisturizing to your skin, or something more abrasive (addition of “scrubbies”) or cleansing. Anything from shea, mango and cocoa butters to various healing essential oils can be added to your personal batch.

Scent: What do you want your soap to smells like? I have a list of on hand fragrances here and free fragrance samples here. and I am also happy to craft something up completely original.

Appearance: Would you prefer dye-free or am I free to do a visual interpretation of the fragrance? Or would you like a specific color scheme?

 Let’s make this happen.

*Please give me a shout out before ordering to make sure I have what you are looking for on hand. Over-looking this very important step may increase production time by up to four weeks.

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